1. How did we get started?

It’s amazing what three best friends can do! You can read our story here.

2. Who is Molly?

Molly is the mother of co-founder Kristin Atkinson. Like so many of us, she did not like to have her photo taken. Her full story can be found here.

3. How much does a Molly Project session cost?

The session (along with the digital images) is free for the family being photographed. We have a talented network of professional photographers that graciously volunteer their services.

4. What does the family receive?

After the photography session, the family will receive a free online customized gallery of edited files. The gallery allows you to download individual images. The family also receives a copyright release form enabling the images to be printed at any photo lab of their choice.

5. Can I get prints?

Yes. With the copyright release form you are able to print images anywhere you choose. There also is an option of ordering prints directly from your online gallery with a portion of the purchase going back to The Molly Project as a donation.

6. Where are the photography sessions held?

On location, which typically means at the family’s home. Because of the sensitive nature of illness and wanting to make everyone as natural and comfortable as possible, we feel that the fame’s home best provides that atmosphere. Of course, if there is a special location that is unique to your family please suggest it! We love outdoor sessions when possible but rooms within the home that have a good source of natural light work as well. And don’t worry about the house being “perfect”. We don’t care if you have dishes in the sink or laundry piled in the corner. We will be focused on the love within the family.

7. How long do the sessions last?

Each session is different and customized to the needs of the family and individual. Typically they last between 1 to 2 hours.

8. How long does it take to receive the pictures?

Because we are a volunteer based organization you can expect digital images in your online gallery to be emailed to you within 4-6 weeks. We are aware that in some circumstances there are time sensitive issues and in those situations we do our best to accommodate those requests.

9. Who can be included in the session?

In our experience a more intimate gathering of close loved ones -- in whatever way you define family -- provides an atmosphere that lends itself to a more memorable experience. We understand families come in all sizes. If this is a concern, please contact us. We would be glad to talk with you about your “family”.

10. Do you photograph men and children?

Yes we do, however, we want to encourage the women in their lives (mother, daughter, sister, caregiver, etc.) to get into the picture too!

11. Can pets be included?

Yes! We love animals. Just let us know beforehand so we send a photographer that won’t be allergic.

12. What should we wear?

This is your session, wear what you want. Because our goal is to keep everything as natural as possible, we want you to wear what you normally would wear every day. We suggest you try to avoid everyone wearing white or perfectly matching outfits. Keep it simple and natural. Sometimes it’s less about the clothes and more about the connections.

13. Will our photographs be shared on social media?

We would love to be able to share your family’s story and beautiful images. In our experience, sharing stories and images has not only helped encourage other women to consider a session but it a wonderful way to connect people. Friends and family are able to see these images and show their support. If you would prefer your images not to be on social media we will respect and honor your request.

14. Is a Molly Project session the right fit for your family?

As much as we would love to be able to photograph every family in every situation, The Molly Project is a volunteer organization. We are focused on photographing individuals currently undergoing treatment while dealing with life threatening or terminal illness. If you are unsure if we are the right fit for you, please contact us and we can discuss your situation. There are other organizations out there that have other missions and if we end up not being the right fit, we can help point you in the direction of others that may be a better fit.